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Why Shane Dawson Is Racist


  • Why Blackface Is Racist
  • The History of Blackface
  • Blackface & Black Minstrelsy in Relation to Stereotypical Black Characters
  • How Blackface & Black Minstrelsy Shaped White Perceptions of Black People Today
  • Briefly Explaining Modern Blackface
  • Brief Highlights of Cultural Appropriation By White Celebrities
  • Brief Highlights of Modern Day Blackface By White People
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Girls are so cute when they get excited over little things, or talk about the good in their day. 

I love it, it’s adorable. 

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Eighty Years of Ferguson
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if you think black women wearing their hair natural is unprofessional you are racist.

if a white woman worked in a store with hair she hadnt brushed and called it her “natural” hair it would still be unprofessional.


A black woman’s natural hair is of the same quality as a white woman’s unkempt hair.

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This is what makes me happy…seeing the uplifting of black women. Giving Lupita her props in all aspects including her 🔥 shapeup. Yes at this.

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Time for my Tasty Tuesday Girl Crush. Can’t talk Fall fashion without mentioning Lupita Nyong’o. Amazing style and grace! With dennysbryce, kerricarpenter and @maybebabythenovel.

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